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Round the twist

Stomper’s Prose

There is nothing Stomper enjoys more than entering the realms of prose writing.  She excels at creating worlds of her own, characters that become friends and adventures that become legendary.  All this is of course on the page.  She has enough stories for each day of the month (providing that month is February on a leap year) and has completed a couple ready to send off into that frightening world of publishers.

Whilst Stomper accepts that the rumour about publishers having forked tongues, little horns and pointy tails may be an exaggeration, she is still waiting for that little extra ounce of courage to post anything off.  Or email it, in this modern age!

Writing that good, old-fashioned and honest other world fantasy writing that Tolkien cultivated and others have attempted to match since, means that novels can exceed 160,000 words.  Stomper at this point would like to establish that she supports sustainable management of forests and her books are, of course, worth printing.  But she also attempts those gritty novels that people insist on setting in the real world; sometimes to great success, but at other times they remain on the “I’ll-pick-this-story-up-again-when-I-have-an-overflow-of-time-and-inspiration” pile.  This is quite a high pile.

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